5 Fun Fall Activities

September is in full-swing…which means Fall (and all the family fun that comes with it)! Here are our Top 5 Fun Fall Activities in and around Erie, Colorado! 1. Anderson Farms: www.andersonfarms.com Home of Colorado’s Longest-Running Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch. Fun filled family activity with pumpkin picking, hay ride, pumpkin launching and a corn […]

Recovering After House Fire

The Folger family experienced the unthinkable, they lost almost everything in their home to a fire recently in Erie. Rachel Folger, a new real estate agent, returned to her home with her 3 month old daughter after attending the closing of her first home sale to find that her home was on fire. A bookshelf […]

June Q+A With Mayor Harris

As a resident of Erie we know how hard it can be to feel heard! We try to take that extra step, connect with and get answers to your most pressing questions! Here is our Q+A With Mayor Harris from June (sorry, it’s a day late). ECL What are the chances of a small grocer […]

Splish Splash Near Erie

If you haven’t noticed, Erie is lacking a very (in many peoples opinion) amenity- a public, outdoor pool. There is speculation as to why we don’t have this amenity, and there are people who merely think that if you want a pool you should move into a neighborhood with a pool (Hello Metro District Taxes). […]